About us

Beacab.com (Beacab Gems Inc., est 1990) is a wholesale company in New York City with a specialization of natural and genuine diamond and color gemstones in unique shapes and cuts such as beads, briolettes, cabochons, carvings, and drops.

The company runs its sales operations at 2 West 46th Street but stems from a family business in North India who have served the global gem and jewelry industry for over seven generations with a clientele of renowned jewelry designers, manufacturers, and retailers. Carrying forward the decades of expertise and range of products to the United States Beacab continues to be a well recognized and sought-for company across the industry. It is a member of the American Gem Trading Association (AGTA) for over 27 years and ever-so committed to following the industry's ethical and trade practices.

We differentiate ourselves through our extensive inventory which offers combination of unique colors, shapes, cuts, and material that can be used to create classic and emerging designs.

What you will find at Beacab.com:

Beacab.com is our sales and marketing platform that aims to facilitate the display of our inventory to our established customers as well to first-time visitors who would like to learn more about us and see our inventory. We do not display prices on the website, however you may be able to compare products based on the new price range feature. For exact price, you must send a request or call us. The website is keen on being extremely user-friendly, especially on mobile and handheld devices so our products can only be a click away. For color gemstones, color is the most important yet hardest to capture accurately for our online guests. We have made a sincere effort and avoided any special alterations or malpractices to enhance the products out of their true color and representation. Visitors are highly encouraged to send requests or call 1-212-921-2854 for more details and price information regarding a specific product. Again, prices of products will not be shown on Beacab.com in order to protect the business of our loyal retail customers who repeatedly choose Beacab Gems for their business.

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