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Welcome to Beacab.com | The Official Website of Beacab Gems

About Beacab

Beacab.com (Beacab Gems Inc., est 1990) is a wholesale company in New York City with a specialization of natural and genuine diamond and color gemstones in unique shapes and cuts such as beads, briolettes, cabochons, carvings, and drops.

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Beacab delivers unparalleled gemstone quality and service. Ethical practices, extensive selection, and knowledgeable support make them my go-to for stunning gems. Highly recommended for any gem enthusiast!
Micheal Campbellete
Impressed by Beacab's commitment to authenticity and customer satisfaction. Their gemstones shine with brilliance, reflecting their dedication to quality. Trustworthy source for exquisite gems, highly recommended.
Austin Worley
Beacab's professionalism and swift delivery exceeded my expectations. Their gemstones, each a work of art, have earned my trust as a top-tier provider. A must-visit for gemstone aficionados
Warren Schlichting
Beacab stands out for its exceptional gemstone selection and impeccable service. Every purchase reflects their commitment to quality and ethical sourcing. A gem enthusiast's dream come true.
Sarah harwell