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Top 7 Reasons to Wear Birthstones

Top 7 Reasons to Wear Birthstones

While most people are aware of their birthstones, not many are aware of the benefits of wearing them. Your birthstones are oriented to you because they are well aligned to your energies. As these birthstones have a strong and meaningful connection with your own astrological signs they are effective and efficient aids to healing your mind, body and soul. From making a striking fashion statement to offering luck and even ease your well being, here are seven reasons to wear a birthstone either in the form of  a necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings, or charm.

1. Energizing and Healing Properties

Since centuries, gemstones have been used to heal physical, mental and spiritual ailments and distress. Many Gem Therapists, yes you heard that right, believe that when you place these magical crystals on your body, you connect to the planet’s healing energy, leaving your soul more relaxed and composed, thus healed . Each and every gem found in nature has its own unique properties and powers for which it is used. For instance, garnet is a stone of energizing, while rubies are thought to remove negative energies. If you’re looking for a gem for your physical, mental and emotional transformation then you must consult a certified astrologer or research about the gemstones and their healing properties, choose the ones that resonate with you and get a jewel made out of it. Make sure to wear something that is simple and easy, perfect for everyday wear.

2. Historical Mentions

“Although birthstones have religious origins, they are no longer believed to have religious significance” Birthstones seem to have a mention in the holy bible, tracing back to Christianity. 

According to Vedic astrology or Hindu cosmology, a gemstone or primitively called a Ratna is much more than just a beautiful object. It is often associated with spiritual, energizing powers such that it is an ultimate healer especially to align your chakras. Birthstones are imbued with symbolic value relating to deities, planets, and days of the week. For instance, Opal, the birthstone for October, is believed to protect its wearers from a spiritual and emotional breakdown. It’s relevance in history and that too of different eras and cultures is a testament to their magical properties, making them an ideal heirloom that can be passed through families for generations.


3. Bringing Good Luck and Prosperity

A lot of people have faith that your birthstone brings in the ultimate good luck for you and can help you by strengthening your weak energies and reducing your hurdles in life. Well that’s honestly everything one wants. For centuries, people have been using gemstones as good luck charms. Even if one percent of all this was true I would invest in one but there are countless testimonials that people have seen a positive change in their life after wearing these precious gemstones, making it a must try for all of us. To bring in good luck and prosperity people do wear personalized birthstone rings, pendants and charms. However, one stone which could be lucky for someone might not work for you, so you should diligently consult a gem therapist or an astrologer before wearing a gemstone. 


4. The Ultimate Protection

Many birthstones are said to protect the wearer from darkness and dangers that persist in the world. People at times wear it to prevent themselves from scary nightmares, while others believe that they might prevent threats related to natural calamities  and unforeseen accidents. For instance, Garnet is believed to guard the wearer against nightmares while aquamarine is supposed to defend one against ocean dangers. Even though this hasn’t been scientifically proven but physiologically, wearing something happy and peaceful such as your birthstone will surely make you feel lucky and safe, and sometimes, the little ray of hope that this birthstone provides is all you really need.

5. Excellent tool for spiritual alignment 

Gemstones are indeed extremely powerful and there are ample of texts, testimonies available for you to believe if you don’t already. They are used extensively around the globe for purifying and neutralizing negative feelings and energies and turning them towards positivity . Its an ancient practice to sit in a quiet corner with the loose gemstone on your palm and meditate. People also like to keep it at the bedside tray so that they see it every night before sleeping and also as soon as they wake up. It helps in balancing your chakras, aligns you spiritually and fills you up with joy. You can also wear your lucky stone embedded in a bracelet, necklace, ring, earrings, or charm during meditation for maximum benefit. 



6. These pieces are a classic fashion statement!

I have too much jewelry, said no women ever.

What strikes us is that when we have been investing in pieces of jewelry why not in those made with our birthstones. In those which are special and made for us specifically. Birthstone jewelry will instantly give a much personal look. Instantly resonates with you plus its benefits are just cherry on the cake.

 Wearing a birthstone is a unique way to spice things up in life! Find the perfect kind of jewelry style and get your order custom made with us. There is absolutely no compulsion of constraining your month stone, you should experiment with the gemstone which attracts you and the properties align with your space and needs  in life.


7. These are precious gemstones at the end! 

Gemstones or Birthstones are nothing but the most gorgeous creation of Mother Earth. They are simply beautiful. It takes countless hours of labor to make that one gem for your jewel. They are natural, gifts of nature. Why wouldn’t one accept them? The rare beauty, the vibrant color, the glorious history and the fantastic legacy to follow makes it all totally worth investing over. Jewelry made with your birthstones will always be special and have a constant place in your heart. We would recommend having a pendant and a ring of your birthstone. 


Apart from those mentioned above there are countless reasons to wear birthstones. Choose the gemstone that resonates the most with you and use them to build a happier and healthier life.